14 reasons to buy an Alpine Magnum
Stump Grinder – Trencher – Brush Cutter

1. At 88 lbs. It's easy to transport by small pickup, station wagon, bucket truck, or chipper truck.

2. Our stump grinder - trencher operates for about $4.00/hour including gas.

3. Our stump grinder - trencher goes anywhere, doesn't leave tire tracks, and doesn't need a trailer to tow it.

4. Because it doesn't leave tire tracks, you can operate our machine and earn income year round. Even in the rain!!!

5. Our customer's report making from $100 to $150 an hour with our machine cutting stumps on golf courses, cemeteries, and difficult access areas that can't have tire tracks left on well maintained grass surfaces.

6. Due to its light weight and slim design, our larger customers build a tote box to carry our machine on their chipper truck. It saves them time from having to return to their shop to get their trailer version, saves on employee wages, gas expenses, and eliminates extra customer disturbance.

7. The Magnum can cut as fast as a Rayco 1625 Jr., or a Vermeer 222, and twice as fast as the Bluebird or Praxis.

8. The Magnum can trench up to 20 inches deep, cut brush, grind stumps, and with the Stihl TS760 cut off attachment can be used for cutting concrete or rebar.

9. Liability insurance is about  $40.00 annually versus $1200 for the trailer model stump grinders.

10. High resale value-if you check any tree equipment magazine under used equipment you will see that very few people want to sell our stump grinder.  Because we build a quality product and stand behind it!

11. Due to the magnum's 2-cycle engine, you can operate our machine on hill sides and not burn it up. Unlike 4-cycle engines which need to be operated on flat ground or off of a platform.

12. We guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied with the product for a small restocking fee and less any damage.

13. With the proper attachments, the Alpine Magnum can be three machines - Stump grinder, trencher and brush cutter.

14. Life is short, own one today!