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Our machine comes complete with all necessary hardware, which includes:
Bolts, Nuts, Hex-Wrenches, Owner's manual, and one free set of Stump Cutting Teeth. Your choice of steel or aluminium leg.
1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on the stump grinder, 30 days warranty on Stihl and Husqvarna power heads.

Last updated 03 july, 2010.



Item Description


Magnum Stump Cutter w/ Stihl TS 760 Power Head


Magnum Stump Cutter w/ Husqvarna 3120 XP Power Head


Magnum Stump Cutter w/ Solo Power Head


Magnum Stump Cutter (without Power Head) *


Special Trenching Leg  w/ Transport wheels & Top Plate for fast 12” deep trenches

$     620.80

Stump Cutter Teeth (regular style) set of 6

$    54.00

Stump Cutter Teeth (rock style) set of 6

$     63.00

V-Belt (replacement)

$     25.40

6" Green Wheel ( for sharpening teeth with bench grinder)

$    30.75

Diamond Wheel ( for sharpening teeth w/ 4.5" disc grinder)

$   198.40

Steel Leg (comes w/stump cutter)

$   313.60

Aluminum Leg (available for replacement of steel leg)

$   249.00

Steel Transport Wheel set ( for steel leg)


Aluminum Transport Wheel Set (for aluminum leg)

$   211.00

Trenching Kit for 20” deep trenches ( includes transport wheel set, gaurds, and one set of trenching teeth.

  $  747.50

Teeth Gage ( to assist sharpening teeth)

$     10.90

Top Plate ( for shallow trenching )

$     51.20


* please add $200.00 for attachments needed to mount Husqavarna and Solo power heads if you would buy stumpgrinder only!